Betsy Cross

Come Play With Me!

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm


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  1. Betsy..That was Awesome! Loved hearing your voice “tell” a story! I do have to say I don’t know any boy child that would pass up a chance to get their feet or more wet though! Hey..I’d take that walk by the ocean with you any day..You have inspired me to look at the one side of my family tree that is a bit of a mystery..I’ve always loved that type of thing though. I’m pretty sure I was the only 10 yr old who’s favorite place to go on my horse was a really old tiny grave yard and read the headstones, something I still do now, where ever we are..I have to stop and find the oldest most obscure one and go read. They put such interesting things on the tombstones back then. I always wonder who they were etc.

    Ha! I see people too! I don’t know who they are though..I do know they are from a different era from their dress..Doug has seen different ones. as has my girlfriend..why they visit my house I don’t know..They never do or say anything either..when my husband died though odd things happened.

    I for one love the unique way you weave the stories of your ancestors lives. It makes it so interesting. I think mine were pretty…

    By the was fun making your photo flip around by running my cursor over it. One of them playing a trick with you??

    As Always..a Fabulous post!



  2. My photo flips? I can’t make it move!!
    I’m glad you understand, Jane. Some things that are probably so common place aren’t talked about a lot.
    As far as your ancestors being boring…maybe mine are, too. But I think what I think what I see in them mostly is parts of myself that I can relate to. I was told last night by two people in the family history center that they come because I’m their entertainment! My jaw dropped. We got nothing done. Well, actually we looked at one of their family lines that came from Hungary. It was fun.
    You, Jane would be one major source of entertainment to me!!

  3. Hey Betsy, it was great to hear your voice but I couldn’t get the volume high enough to really hear the story. It might be my laptop which has been spotty lately.

    Thanks for sharing though.

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