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I Won’t Give Up

In, Business, Family History, Family Search, Genealogy, Warren Buffet on April 12, 2012 at 2:41 pm

“He is invited to great things

who receives small things greatly” 

~ Anonymous


From Warren Buffet and the Law of Gestation:

“Not only do we need to constantly sewing seeds, we have to be patient and wait for them to germinate and grow. Here’s a great nugget from Ellen Karsten.

Warren Buffett has spoken of what is called the “Law of Gestation:” The amount of time required from seed to whatever the seed is going to be — such as; is there is an amount of time required for an acorn to become a mighty oak tree?

There is an amount of time required for each thing.He said that there is an amount of time required for and idea to flourish. People start something and give up on the idea or project before it comes to fruition. They pull up the roots looking for the fruit when the seeds hadn’t even been given time to grow into a fruit tree.

If you’ve planted some seeds in your business or have planted some new thoughts or ideas, give it some time. Water them, dig deep, nurture it and let your ideas become your results. The same principle applies with people in this business.  Nurture Your Crops!”

Family history is one of those “small and great” things.

Whenever I watch this video I’m inspired to keep going, keep looking, and talking and writing.

Consider yourself invited.


Family History Sunday Series

We’ll be hugging a tree! See you there!


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